We have been travelling for days now. After our journey to the Ecuadorian border at La Balsa, Chris, myself and our new-found travel mates negotiated a taxi ride to San Ignacio in Peru. For just a few Soles we convinced our guy to squeeze five of us (excluding him) into his little car. I sat in the passenger seat and Chris, my hero, sat on a cushion on top of the hand brake! It took a few hours. We had all hoped to get further but with the mountainous terrain and falling dark we only made it to San Ignacio in Peru for an overnight stop in an overpriced hotel. With little else in town other than a glut of chifas (CHEAP Chinese restaurants) we got stuck into dinner while the rain poured outside. With 3 beds in each room, we shared with Kelvin- a Canadian hippie with ginger hair down to his bum. Next morning it was back on the road as we headed for Jaen…a central hub for transport in all directions, chaotic, stinking, scorching hot and dusty…always dusty. Our van driver for the duration never stopped smiling…at the road seemingly. The system for the most part in Peru is that there is no central bus station. Once you know where you are going you choose a bus company…with difficulty, each company has its own station…you find your way there. We did this in a tuk tuk. A nightmare!

Once on the second bus for the day we set off for Chiclayo…another halfway house before our final destination- Trujillo. We found a semi-decent hostel to stay the night in and sought out a meal with tired feet and bleary eyes. The landscape is changing dramatically, it’s getting drier, more sandy, more desertous with sudden fields of lush green crops.

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