About me

I’m a young South African woman, currently living in Johannesburg with a weakness for the good stuff in life. For me, that’s  decor, fashion, style, food, art, photography and travel. My major passion is interiors, with a special affinity for  small spaces, courtyards, alleys and cafe’s, these unexpected pockets of life offer all  the allure and character that bigger spaces often lack. Discovering hip hangouts, edgy spots and fringe finds, the prospect of travel to far away places and stumbling upon unique art are a few of the things that steal my attention and get me going. Great style is actually all around us but often doesn’t present itself in the way that you’d expect, it can be found in the most unlikely of places, flying completely under the radar and by style i mean any irresistible morsel of the creative kind, from the ultra cool cup your coffee comes in to a room painted entirely in shades of gray and teal. I’ll be sharing all of these observations with you and i really hope you find them as inspiring as i do.


2 Responses to About me

  1. Dominique Hogston says:

    Dear Mila,

    I had the pleasure of meeting yourself and Chris during our time at Barton Creek Outpost, Belize back in 2010.I have only recently come across yours and Chris’ travel blog and have spent the past few days reading the entirety of it. I didn’t realise the extent of your trip at the time but now, seeing the places you’ve visited, it must of been sensational. I feel like I’m experiencing these places through your writing. One of the best travel blogs I have ever read.

    I hope you both are well, look forward to hearing/ seeing what you’re up to soon!

    Best wishes,


    • Hey Dom. Of course we remember you! We had such an incredible time at Barton Creek Outpost, it was such an unusual place and you all made us feel so welcome there. Dom I am completely flattered by your comments. The blog is actually not finished I still need to complete Peru and Argentina. We finished last year in May and it was such an incredible journey we often return to the memories with longing to go back again. I am so glad you have enjoyed reading it, I loved writing it and love that we can return to it at any time to relive the memories.What are you up to at the moment? Chris and I relocated to Johannesburg after our return for work and are pretty happy here. I am still writing but in the decor field for a few publications. What a treat to hear from you, it’s been a long time. Send news! x

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