Things i’m loving

Felt Soul Media

This is one of those occasions where raw talent stops you dead in your tracks and manages to tug at the heart strings. Such a compelling video by Felt Soul Media- I had to share.

Bella Italia

Italian fashion designer Ermanno Scervino’s 2012 Spring/Summer RTW collection has got me dreaming….in soft shades of aqua, tan and powder blue to be exact. It’s quintessentially feminine, graceful and glam and recalls the high-waisted lines of the 40’s. A washed out palette of milky tones is accented with lace, fine beadwork, sheers and drapey fabrics. I especially love the tan leather details in the shoes and belts. It’s all woman.

Watch the video for the full collection.

In the Fold

The draped form and all of its offshoots is registering on my radar at the moment, no, not just at the moment…always. Whether it’s in the swoop of a dress, the tight furls of a leather bag or dropping dramatically to the floor in a set of sheer curtains it steeps the subject in  romance and elegance, hinting at the feminine and introducing drama. Folded, draped, wrapped, swathed or swaddled, i’m a fan!

The Inspiration:

Go Forth

If you haven’t already seen Levi’s latest ad campaign Go Forth, do yourself the favour and check it out here. Ralf Schmerberg has the ability to inspire even the most uninspired. It’s a glimpse into life lead by the heart, urging the spectator to go forth and take chances. The words are taken from a poem by Charles Bukowiski.

A Word about…

I read a piece yesterday in the Jan Harper’s Bazaar  on Cartagena de Indias in Columbia. The author is Allegra Huston, daughter of alluring actress Angelica Huston who happens to star in some of my most favourite films in the WORLD…those by Wes Anderson (The Life Aquatic, Royal Tennenbaums …) Her ability to craft her words absolutely floored me, it is beautiful and tender, the reader is pulled in at once straight to the source of her writing. Having been to Cartagena myself I thought her portrayal was exact, she has touched on its nuances with such insight! I dream of writing like this. Have a read here

I Love Rainy Days

It hasn’t stopped raining in Jozi for two days. The sky is grey and heavy and the windows are misting up. Love. Rainy day inspiration…….


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